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Discover your path, achieve your goals, and live your full potential.

Kevin William Grant, Life Coach Psychotherapist


Enable my clients to achieve their authentic path in life by activating their goals, dreams, and vision to unlock their full potential.


Coaching encourages deep reflection about yourself and your life so you can achieve personal insight and achieve your full potential.


Gestalt Coaching engages clients in a process of exploring how their experiences, both healthy and less than healthy, are adaptations and reactions to the world around them. Armed with a deeper awareness, I work with clients to choose new alternatives that empower them to achieve their full potential.

Mindfulness is the process of purposely bringing attention to experiences in the present moment, without judgment.

The Process

Through the process of co-creation and self-discovery, my clients lead more fulfilled and meaningful lives, beginning with a focus on what's already working for them today.

I collaborate with my clients to examine a variety of creative "life experiments," where they explore their personal "life operating system," so they are able to freely choose powerful and transformational alternatives.

Apply Gestalt Coaching, mindfulness, meditation, and powerful questions to co-create personalized life-development plans that achieve lasting results.
Kevin William Grant, Life Coach Psychotherapist
Results Focused

I've worked with clients recovering from sports injuries, coached corporate clients to obtain promotions, and supported clients successfully navigate career transitions.

Many of my clients have found inner strength and alignment with their true calling in life and go on to lead happier and more meaningful lives.

  • Move from surviving to thriving.

  • Embark on a collaborative professional partnership.

  • I’m solution and results focused.

  • Begin your transformational journey.

  • Be the kind of person you want to be.

  • Envision the kind of life you want to live and bring it to life.

  • Uncover your true self.

  • Become your authentically self.

I apply Gestalt Coaching, mindfulness, and ask powerful questions to co-create a personalized plan with my clients.

Kevin William Grant, Life Coach Psychotherapist

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Professional Credentials
Ph.D. Candidate
Clinical Psychology
Master's Degree
Clinical Psychology
Bachelor of Science
Gestalt Institute of Toronto
Gestalt Psychotherapist
International Coach Federation
Credential ID: 009453474I
Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association
Credential ID: 10005324
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