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Career Coaching

Career Planning, Career Change, Life Transitions

Career Coaching

You’ll be immersed in an energizing and insightful experiences where you control and guide the agenda. I’ll work closely with you to co-create a transformational program for career development, change, and transition.

You’ll be engaged in a process of zeroing in on your skills, abilities, and educational training. The transition is accomplished through a collaborating with your coach; taking into consideration your passions, lifestyle, personality, values, and areas of interest.

Live Your Truth

I offer a tried and true career coaching program that will help you figure out precisely what you want, why you want it, and how to get there.

Find your happy, meaningful work, and live your dreams.

It is estimated that the average person will change careers five to seven times in their working life and that approximately 30 percent of the workforce will change jobs every 12 months.

How do people manage to do this? In some cases, they seek Transitional Career Coaching.

Experience a new perspective.

We begin by working collaboratively to get to know you— your curiosities, hopes, dreams, goals, values, and personal preferences. This coaching process will help you get to know yourself in ways you may not expect. You will experience yourself from a new perspective.

We will co-create, design, and build the best plan possible for you, your career, and your life.

What is a Transitional Career Coach?

Transition Career Coaching helps you transition from one job to another, or from one career to another. I help people to rethink and re-imagine their options, just like you would seek the services a lawyer to understand the specifics of a legal case.

Many people manage their careers themselves and talk to friends or family before making a decision. Transitional career coaching guides and support your through the process of making significant and strategic career transitions.

You must come prepared to do the work and be motivated to commit and engage with the coaching process. You may not have all the answers, but you need to come prepared with questions and be committed to the process of exploring solutions.

The Five Steps of Transition Career Coaching

Step 1

The first step in the coaching process is to help you develop your value proposition by capturing what you're good at, your transferable skills.

Ultimately you must keep your target audience in mind so you can speak their language, pique their interest, and ultimately land an interview and be hired. This process serves as the foundation for your outreach to the marketplace.


Step 2

Next, you’ll work on tweaking your resume, elevator pitch, and marketing materials. Most people view their resume as a historical document that documents their jobs since the beginning of their working career, but that’s not the only way to look at it.

Your resume and marketing materials are selling tools that enable a prospective employer to immediately understand what you’re able to do for them and why they should be interested in you.

Step 3

I work with my client to identify their transferable skills through a collaborative discovery process.

For example, a software engineer will know they have the required skills for their job (coding and building software applications), they may not realize they also have the skills to project manage and problem solve that are transferrable to a number of other careers.

Many individuals looking for a career change don’t realize there are three processes of skills: "hard skills", "educational skills", and "soft skills".

I help you determine transferrable "hard" and "educational" skills as well as your inherent "soft skills" — which are more in demand than ever before.

Step 4

I work with my clients to identify their transferable skills through a collaborative discovery process.

For example, a software engineer knows they have the required skills (coding and building software applications); however, they may not realize that they also have the skills for project management and problem-solving that are transferrable to many other careers.

Many individuals looking for a career change don’t realize there are three processes of skills: “hard skills,” “educational skills,” and “soft skills.”
I help you determine transferrable “hard” and “educational” skills as well as your inherent “soft skills” — which are more in demand than ever before.

Step 5

Transitional Career Coaching helps you connect with people and enhance your networking skills.

Whether you’re looking in the “visible job market” or the “hidden job market,” I will work with you to develop interview skills, learning contract and salary negotiating skills along the way.

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